About Dr Baumann

Dr. Baumann Cosmetics provide your skin with substances that it naturally produces. In other words, you are caring for your skin with skin!

History of Dr. Baumann Cosmetic GmbH

At a conference for chemists in Heidelberg in 1988, Dr. Henrich met Dr. Thomas Baumann. Together, they founded Dr. Baumann Cosmetic GmbH in 1990. The first products were successfully developed after a two-year research period.

Most important to the development of the products was a focus on health and skincare standards, such as compatibility and effectiveness. This required the identification and removal of substances which can have a negative impact on the skin.

Since the beginning, our founders had a clear concept, which has proven to be ideal: the doctor and naturopath provides knowledge on what is best for the skin and the cosmetic chemist turns this knowledge into appropriate products in the lab.

After establishing which substances should be done away with for proper skin care and health reasons, and identifying the ingredients and active substances that offer the best compatibility, have a positive effect on the skin and which are found naturally in the body and the skin came the breakthrough: Dr. Baumann

Cosmetics could present the world’s first and only skincare line consisting exclusively of natural substances and vitamins: Dr. Baumann SheerSkin®.

Animal and Environmental Protection

At Dr Baumann we pride ourselves on our ability to create high quality products without testing on animals, using animal ingredients or creating excess waste.

Dr Baumann is committed to conducting businesses in an environmentally responsible and proactive manner, consistent with our commitment to corporate citizenship, social responsibility and sustainability. Our experience has demonstrated that sustainable business practices can be cost-effective, build employee and customer loyalty and even drive new business for the company.

We aim to conserve natural resources and minimize waste through source reduction and recycling; handle and dispose of wastes through safe, environmentally responsible methods; encourage energy efficiency, minimize packaging, ensure there is no animal testing. We actively encourage our business partners and suppliers to strive for the same high levels of environmental performance.

No Animal Testing or Animal Products

Animal ingredients offer no additional benefits to cosmetic products when compared to plant-based ingredients. It is our opinion that animal experiments in the cosmetics industry are completely unacceptable. As a matter of principle, we feel animal experimentation is not acceptable on medical or ethical grounds, because any conclusions drawn from animal experiments are not 100% transferable to humans due to the differences between the species. Transferring and implementing findings for humans is to the detriment of both people and animals. People sustain demonstrable harm from non-transferable, misleading results from tests on animals. Advocacy groups have used the widespread justification that animal experimentation benefits peoples’ health. This unscientific theory stops research being done on really effective therapies and sensible testing methods. PETA Website

Environmentally Friendly

Most cosmetic products in today’s market use superfluous packaging to make their products look more luxurious and appealing. In the end, all they’re doing is creating more waste and causing more damage to our environment. Cost of the product is being absorbed by marketing costs and not truly significant ingredients.

It is of great concern for Dr. Baumann Cosmetics that no excess waste is created by our products or packaging. That is why we ensure that we only use one layer of packaging for our products – the container in which our products are placed.

Health and Beauty is:

  • Free of chemical preservatives (Parabens)
  • Free of Mineral Oils
  • Free of colorants
  • Free of fragrances
  • Free of oxygen
  • Free of chemical sunscreens
  • Free of ingredients of animal origin
  • Free of unnecessary packaging